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These videos are the result of four years filming the making of the new Bloomberg Headquarter. The videos aim to explore different aspects of the new building from its innovations to the Roman Temple rebuilt in it. 


The video above titled "Bloomberg London" was filming before the building was opened to the employees, all the people that appear in the videos are extras and actors. Every scene was planned, staged and blocked out like is a fictional project.


The video below titled, Bloomberg "The Inside Story" was instead shot after almost one year from its opening so all the people that feature in it are real employees. Some of the scenes in this video were documentary style and some others, like the pieces to camera were stage. 


Throughout the four years of filming, Fabio was the cinematographer and videographer for the project. Sometimes leading a big camera team and some others filming solo. More videos were created with the footage shot over the length of the project, In this link you will find all of them.



Directors: Dominic Sutherland - Mike MacNamara

Production: NextShoot

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 21.44.57.png
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